The WriteHerNyia A. Moore loves all things writing, blogging, and entrepreneurship. Being passionate about the written word since long before becoming a Queen Pen, she believes words helps us embrace and promote our individual truths. Hailing from Philadelphia, a city known for its gritty nature, Nyia suffered a slew of tragedies, including the loss of her mother, which pushed her to discover a stronger, more resilient version of herself. Encouraging others to do the same, she uses her God-given talents as an advocate for others to find their truth through literacy and writing.

At the age of 18, Nyia participated in The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Acel Moore Journalism Workshop where her published work covering the 2008 Presidential Election gave birth to a feeling of freedom. That quest into literary excellence led to a blogging position for everythinggirlslove.com, but it was for thesinglewivesclub.com where her blog ‘You Shouldn’t be a Wife to a Boyfriend’ went viral with more than 300,000 views and hundreds of shares. Since then, Nyia has been a contributor to several publications including kellerlifecoaching.com, styledtoatea.com, and on a range of topics from fashion to career transitions.

Now leveraging her writer’s voice to create her own platform, Nyia is stepping out on her own. She boldly embraces the pain that has given her power to speak to heal and motivate others through writing and public speaking.