Dealing with Your Partners Problem Child

So, you’ve been dating or in a relationship for a while now and everything seems to be perfect except one thing: your partners has a problem child. Not only is this issue difficult for your lover but if not handled properly, it can interfere in your relationship. This is a delicate issue, here are a few ways to tackle this sensitive subject.

The best way to try and deal with a troubled child that belongs to the person you are dating, is to build a personal relationship with them. Many times, children will start to misbehave when their parent enters a serious relationship or begins dating because they feel that they will be neglected. It is also important for them to understand that you aren’t trying to replace or become their biological parent. Let them know that you are there to help guide and support them. Spend time getting to know them and their interests, doing so will prove that you genuinely care about making a connection with them as well.

If your significant others child is being defiant and disrespectful, do not tolerate it! The moment that you allow the child to believe that they can control the situation; they will. It’s important when entering a union where someone has children from a previous relationship to discuss with them beforehand, how you both will come together to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally. Their child doesn’t have to necessarily like you but they should always respect you and if your loved one has difficulty enforcing that then they lack respect for you too. It isn’t about making someone choose between their child and you but showing that your feelings won’t go overlooked.

When it comes to disciplining their child for their wrongful actions, ask your lover to set limits for you so that there will never be a problem with how you decide to deal with their child’s rebellious behavior. Once their offspring knows that their menace behavior won’t be go unpunished, eventually they will ease up on giving you a hard time and they may even warm up to the idea of you being with their mom or dad.

Remember that these situations are frustrating for everyone involved and try to keep in mind how the child probably feels. I’m sure it’s difficult feeling like a stranger is coming along to intrude on their family. Working through this will require time and plenty of patience but happiness can be achieved with the right amount of love and respect.

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