Four Signs You’re Being Cheated On

Have you recently felt a drift in your relationship and you’re not sure if you are plain old crazy or if the one you love is stepping out on you? Here are some clues that your relationship isn’t as secure as you may have thought.

Change in communication is one of the first signs that your partner is cheating. Do you feel like your partner has been distant lately? If the two of you were once inseparable and you now find that you both aren’t spending as much time together, it may be because they are becoming closer to someone else. Another clue of this may be having arguments over petty situations like forgetting to take the trash out, the truth is that not taking care of the chore isn’t the real issue; it’s just overshadowing the true conflict between hearts.

Once there is a change in communication, loss of chemistry is usually the next to follow. Has your partner complained that they are bored in the relationship? That is no silent cry! Pay attention and listen to them because that could be an indication that they’ve been catching thrills with another person. A broken bond is fixable but not if your lover is entertaining other people. It’s impossible to compete for someone’s love with other people, and you shouldn’t have to.

Has your relationship been feeling like an episode of Cheaters lately? Are you constantly checking his/her phone and social media accounts looking for incriminating evidence? The fact that you feel the need to investigate who your love one is communicating with is already proof that the relationship lacks trust. If your significant other is being secretive with their electronic devices, lying about their whereabouts, and behaving suspiciously then there is a good chance that they are trying to hide their cheating ways.

One of the most direct signs that your lover may be cheating is if they ask you for a break because that could really mean that they just want time to be with other people without having to suffer the repercussions. There are no real breaks when it comes to love because it’s about constantly working things out. Taking a break from one another won’t solve anything.

The only way to truly know if you are being cheated on is to directly ask your mate and even then, there is no guarantee that they will be honest with you. If you have been noticing any of the clues listed above then pay attention and do what you feel is necessary to get to the bottom of things. Your intuition doesn’t lie.

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