Galentine’s Day: Celebrate with a Party

Galentine’s day is for celebrating love but not just any kind of love, we are specifically speaking about the love you have for your girlfriends! An original idea created by Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation fictional character Leslie Knope. Now, as a recurring holiday on February 13th, lady friends across the globe come together to eat, love, laugh, and drink. Siince my birthday is two days after Valentine’s day, I couldn’t think of a better way to bring in turning 30, than to honor womanhood with a Galentine’s day themed party.

First things first, invite your BFF’s over; giving them all the details needed to get ready for the best Galentine’s day gathering ever! Canva is a great site for customizing invites that will be sent via email or text.

Galentine's Day

When having a party, it’s important to choose a theme to keep everything on one accord. I wanted to keep it simple by sticking to the traditional red, white, and pink Valentine’s colors to keep things cute and sophisticated. When it came to attire I requested everyone wear pajamas that went with the theme’s colorway (especially if it had hearts or women’s empowerment phrases) because we were going for a more relaxed gathering but you can set the dress code to be as fancy as you’d like.

My goal was to recreate the nostalgia experienced during my teens, when my friends and I ate junk food, stayed up late, and laughed until our stomachs hurt. With all of us having very busy adult lives, it was nice knowing my mission was accomplished.

Galentine's day

When sipping on libations (sparkling wine and champagne were my choices) it’s easy to work up an appetite! Going along with my theme of love, I ordered us heart shaped pizzas from a local spot called Philly’s Finest Pizza. The Margherita pizza was a big hit and of course we had to try their Cheesesteak Pizza because after all nothing says Philly like a good ol’ Cheesesteak. I also made my very own version of Cupid’s Crunch and created a red and pink fruit tray that included chocolate dipping sauce for the perfect healthy snack alternative. For those of us with a sweet tooth, try making a Valentine’s Day inspired chocolate charcuterie board, not everything on it must consist of chocolate either. I chose to order a custom cake and cupcakes from Sweet Gardenia Bakes and Galentine’s Day cookies from Sugarluxe.

Galentine's Day

With women working harder than ever before, it’s nice to gather the girls for some carefree fun! Whether celebrating with a brunch, dinner party or sleepover, make the most out of showing your friends just how much you appreciate them! Check out my Pinterest widget to see more photos from the night. What’s your ideal Galentine’s Day theme?

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