Girl Code: Is it Acceptable to Date a Friend’s Ex?

girl code

When it comes to the girl code, one of the biggest dilemmas that often surfaces is if it’s ever acceptable to date a friend’s ex. Let’s face it, guys aren’t the only ones with an unwritten code or set of rules they should follow, we have our own too! The choice is totally yours but choosing could be the tough part, depending on who you are.

Although there can be many down falls to dating a friend’s ex-lover, there also can be some really great things about it too. For instance, most of the time you are somewhat familiar with or have heard enough about a friend’s ex to be able to skip all of the awkward questions that usually arises when trying to get to know someone, if the two of you decide to start seeing each other. You also might realize that the union with your friend’s ex is the best ideal situation for everyone because the two of you are more compatible then they were.

Most women are totally against the idea of one of their friends being with their ex because they feel like it’s the ultimate betrayal and would never be able to trust them around any future male candidates. Is the potential relationship worth risking a friendship? Or does the length of the relationship and why it ended contribute to the decision? Would you feel comfortable with a friend dating one of your exes? Does the depth of the friendship matter in these types of predicaments? How do you choose between a possible lifelong friendship and what could may be be your future husband?

Whatever choice you make, just be sure it’s one you can live with. Some people will argue that there are too many fish in the sea to date a friend’s ex and others may say that there aren’t enough good ones. What do you think?

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