Girl Code: Things to Consider When Your Same Sex Bestie Comes on to You

By now, we’ve all had our share of male friends that have tried to jump out of the friend zone and into our panties. But the rarer find is when one of your female besties comes on to you in a romantic way. How exactly should you handle it? Below is some insight on how to proceed and a few possible scenarios for you to consider.

Is this your fault? First things first, if your friend comes on to you, it’s important to ask yourself if you’ve led her to believe that you might be interested in more than just a platonic relationship. If you know you’ve led her on, then congratulations, you got exactly what you wanted. If you haven’t led her on, you have to decide how you feel about her immediately and communicate that.

A quick look on the bright side. Just as there are many risks involved with dating your female BFF, there are a few positive things to consider that won’t ever happen when dating a man. For starters, she will probably be able to relate to you better than any guy ever would. She’s a woman just like you so she already knows what females enjoy. She knows what annoys you, how moody you can be during that dreaded time of the month, and the many other issues females endure throughout life.

Proceed with caution. If you decide to explore where things could go with your bestie, be sure to proceed with caution because your friendship may never be the same. Once certain boundaries have been crossed, it may be difficult to just be friends, especially if it doesn’t end well. For example, if you have a few sexual encounters with her, then decide you don’t quite share the same feelings she has for you, trying to just be friends again could make things awkward. Things that you used to do all the time, like discussing dates you’ve gone on, or changing in front of her may not be comfortable for you anymore.

No matter what you decide, verbalizing what you’re comfortable with to your bestie will leave no room for uncertainty. If the feelings aren’t mutual, don’t be afraid to let her know; she should respect your honesty. Initially, it may be difficult to get back in the swing of things, but if your friendship is tried and true, it can most likely bounce back from a situation like this.

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