Success: Avoiding Distractions to Refocus


If you’ve been trying to obtain a certain level of success but haven’t been able to, it’s time to get rid of your distractions and refocus. Entrepreneurs live a busy life and it can be difficult maintaining a moderate paced momentum when running a business. However, difficult does not mean impossible. If it’s important to you then you’ll find a way and if not then you’ll make excuses. So, how does one stay focused with so many tasks to execute? By plotting, preparing, and planning! Plotting is the beginning stage, where you figure out what needs to be done. Next, is when you begin preparation for the possible results; both good and bad. Also, prepping includes anything that must be done in order to achieve your desired end result. For example, if you want to become an app developer then you’ll need to take some classes on coding first or intern with someone who’s already well experienced in that field. It’s like building a house, it won’t withstand the test of time without the proper foundation. Planning means that you’ll evaluate the best way to get things done and do just that. Staying organized also helps to remained focused. Utilize calendars, set reminders on your phone, and keep communication open with your team to stay updated and ahead of all progress. If you are productive then your productivity will eventually increase.

Distractions come in all variations so you’re going to have to be able to decide if they are worth sacrificing time, dedication, and attention away from your business. Know that some people whether friends or family won’t like or understand your choices concerning your goals but it’s not for them to because it’s not their vision or passion. Paying attention to doubters and naysayers is a waste of energy. If whatever or whoever isn’t adding to your business then they’re taking away from it and that’s something you can’t afford. Saying “No” to yourself and others is an enormous part of saying “Yes” to your business. This could mean not attending some events, no longer associating with certain individuals, and learning how to budget your finances differently. If these things seem like a gamble, it’s because they are but there’s no rewards without taking some risks.

All of the things mentioned take practice and adjusting to but it all comes down to whether or not your distractions mean more to you than succeeding. Whatever you nourish, grows. Are you willing to stunt your own growth and the potential growth of your business or are you ready to nurture your company/brand with what it needs so that you can watch it flourish?

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