Telltale Signs You’re Dating a Womanizer


Brittney Spears said it best when she sang, “Boy, don’t try to front/I know just what you are,” but do you how to tell if you’re dating a womanizer? Continue reading below to see if any of these signs sound a little too familiar.

A womanizer is a man who has mastered the art of simultaneously charming several women into believing that they hold a special place in his life. In reality, he takes advantage of their love and feelings for him in order to fulfill his own selfish need for attention or sex. To determine the true essence of the type of man you’re dating, you have to take into consideration who he is as a person. If you find yourself questioning his motives then you may want to abandon ship. It’s normal to have disagreements or disapprove of some of his behaviors and choice of words, but that shouldn’t make you doubt his character. If it does, he may not be the one for you. Here are a few signs you’re dating a womanizer:

  • He doesn’t include you in events with his family and friends
  • He’s only around when he wants something
  • You only see him when it’s convenient for him and rarely when you choose
  • He sends you mixed signals
  • He chooses not to or doesn’t know how to deal with your emotions
  • He feels uncomfortable discussing his behavior or lack thereof
  • He has a hard time apologizing or taking responsibility for actions
  • He often puts the blame on you
  • His intentions aren’t clear or he claims not to have any

Womanizers are usually emotionally unavailable, unpredictable, dishonest and narcissistic. They manipulate women to get what they want from them without taking into consideration how their actions could affect them in the future. Often, they will use time, gifts, and flattery to convince you that there is a strong mental and emotional bond, but he’s not sincere so don’t be naive.

If your female intuition is telling you something isn’t right with the man you’ve been seeing then go with your gut. You deserve someone whose energy and efforts will match your own, not a pompous person who is only out to seek external self-validation from whomever he can. Quality beats quantity any day and there is nothing special about a man who makes everyone feel special.

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