The Detriment of Social Media: Real VS. Virtual

social media

Social media is used to communicate and receive news from around the world. Although convenient and helpful, there is a downside to the virtual world we’ve created. People have discovered it’s uncanny ability to help us present our best selves; even if it’s not our true selves. With technology advancing faster than ever, it’s clear that deciphering between fiction and reality is becoming more difficult. Somewhere between AOL messenger, Instagram likes, and Snapchat filters, social media has caused us to lose our way.

It seems as if we are more concerned about how we appear on social media than what we present in real time. Face to face conversations make us feel uncomfortable; we find it easier to talk to strangers online than our own friends and family. Somewhere in the midst of it all, we missed the irony of posting a picture of (what looks to be) us having the time of our lives at an event. In reality, the function is full of people with their noses glued to their phone screens; not mingling with anyone.

Believe it or not, people get so caught up in their perceived lifestyles, they don’t want to wear an outfit more than once.They’re fearful that someone will realize they’ve worn it in a picture before. The internet has made keeping up with the Joneses or the Kardashians an actual thing! Instead of living within our means, we are too busy living check to check; to impress and compete with others. Considering all of this, it’s not surprising that human interaction seems almost extinct, or that our social media etiquette is better than our behavior in real social settings.

Let’s be honest, whether it’s purchasing the latest gadget or constantly checking our emails, we’re all a little guilty of letting technology be a big part of our loves. Although times constantly change, remember what’s really important and don’t get out of touch with your morals and those who matter most. Social media will always have its perks, but there is one thing that we can do to stay true to ourselves (and others): unplug and make time to connect with those around you in a real way.

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